Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to Create Such a Photo?

Simple steps:

1) All of your camera settings must be MANUAL.. No exceptions !
- Focus
- White Balance Setting
- Exposure Mode (M)

2) You ust use a tripod

3) Use a remote shutter or cable shutter. If you do not have these, shoot with 5 sec delay to avoid camera shakes.

4) Spend long time with preperation, less time with shooting as the light conditions will change.

5) Take a shot without the model for fixings

The rest is simple, put them together on PhotoShop.
This is our next lesson :)

NEW Nikon D700 FX Released

D3 dreamers!!! Here is your answer for a relatively low cost new FX model of nikon.This is a good answer to famous expert canon 5D. If you were walking on the edge of buying a full frame but do not want to give up your nikon lenses, here is your solution.
12.1 MP, CMOS censor, up to 25.600 ISO (Hi2.0), extra low noise, 5fps, 3" LCD screen, 51 Point AF, 1005 RGB Matrix metering and FULL FRAME D-SLR.
If you also have DX lenses, do not worry. D700 automotically recognizes the DX lens and crops the frame to 1,5x and get a 6.1MP resolution with your DX lenses.(Hey, if you say this is stupid, why are you looking for a full frame with your DX lenses, go and buy a D300 then)
Some new pics of D700 FX.
Enjoy it...
(Price around 3.000 US$/Euro)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


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