Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The new nikon D800 announced

Photo from http://www.bhphoto.com/ website

The ones who are expecting the D800 and bored of Canon high resolution (but very bad low light results). Here it is. Resolution tops up to 36 MP. This is even beat the new D4 before you touch it.

36 MP (7,360 × 4,912 pixels (L), 5,520 × 3,680 (M), 3,680 × 2,456 (S)). Sensor cleaner.
14-bit linear ADC, 16-bit data pipelines.

ISO 100 ~ 6,400, expandable to 50 (LO-1) to ISO 25,600 (HI+2).

51 AF points (15 are cross-type, and 9 will work even at f/8). CAM3500-FX sensor as D3X

91,000-pixel 3D Color Matrix Meter III with Advanced Scene and Face Recognition Systems

Built in flash (ooopss, sorry 5D Mark II)

4 fps at FX mode, 5 fps at DX mode. Who will need more? Bird catchers? You should buy D3s series fit with your expensive telephotos.

Video: 1080p/29.97fps H.264/MPEG-4 AVC

One CF and one SD card slot.. May save you one day with this two options..

D800 can also work with DX / AF-S lenses but the resolution will go down to 15.4 MP (23.4 x 15.6 mm): . 4,800 × 3,200 (L), 3,600 × 2,400 (M), 2,400 × 1,600 (S).

ca.3000 US$ in the USA. and appx. 3200 Euro in EU zone.