Thursday, January 6, 2011

Predictions > The new nikon D800 (or D700x)

Shortly, the new nikon D800 should have the technical specs as follows:
FX format
4 fps (6 fps at DX mode)
24 MP CMOS as a reply tp Canon 5D Mark II.
Programmable U1 and U2 buttons as D7000 (not on dial)
A new LCD, 3" two fingered touch screen
51 AF Points
2.016 Segment RGB Metering as in D7000
1080p HD video (I hope there won't be any video)
ISO 50-12.800 (Hi 2.0 >51.200)
Two CF card slots
Possible release should be around December 2011
Expected price tag will be around 3.990US$.

PS: These are my instincts and predictions. My friends in japan did not whisper me anything :)