Thursday, March 20, 2008

Megapixel Wars

It is still confusing... Is megapixel everything?

Megapixel comes with dpi (dots per inch). Megapixel is an unit to measure how many pixels per width and length is a photograph. It determines print size !!! that's it.
An example: If a photo is 600 by 800 pixels, it is 600x800=480.000 pixels which is called 0,5 megapixel photo. This size photo can not be printed on a 9x13 paper without any magnifiny on the photo which shows corners of pixel dots.

Megapixel does not show the quality or sharpness of a photo. It only shows how big is the picture...

Picture quality depends on processor, sensor, lens...

If you buy a 3 mp compact camera and think that it will shoot better photos then a small fine jpeg shot (appx 2.5 megapixel) of an D200, you are far beyond reality.

Here are some charts to understand better.

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