Friday, August 8, 2008

What does PC-Nikkor means ?

PC-Nikkor means a lense which features a Perspective Control ability, to be more clear, they are wide-angle lenses with extended film plane covering ability. These lenses are used to cover large rectangular subjects, for i.e., a tall building, the photographer has to tilt his camera upwards to include the top of the structure; generally, the resulting image portrays in the photograph will have walls of the building appear to converge, as if the building were falling over backwards. With the PC Nikkor lenses, you may correct this convergness.

Technically, there is an other trick to minimize effect of converging perspectives.By using a wideangle lense, you shoot the subject in the middle but you have to compromise with a loss of useful negative space with inclusion of large unwanted foreground in the photo while cropping to eliminate undesirable elements in a wide-angle negative. With the new D-SLR crop factor 1,5x cameras, you will have less problem.

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