Thursday, October 2, 2008

D60 with nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens - 16-85mm vs 18-200mm

Because of my business trips to Taiwan, i have a lot of chance to stop by photo shops. As the prices in Taiwan are considerable low - compared to Europe and just a little higher then BH Photo, i usually buy my lenses from Taiwan.

My collaguaes start to ask me to buy a camera and lens from Taiwan, and this trip, i have bought two nikon D-SLRs and two lenses.

The first one is a nikon D60 with nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.

As a D300 owner, i usually use my "tourist lens" - nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR with my camera. But, since the 16-85mm VR has announced, a little bit wider 16-17mm made me itchy , and this time, i have cought the chance to try.

When i check my photos, i have seen that, i usually use 18-100mm range of my lense. +100mm rarely i have used. So, 16-85mm VR looks like a deal for me... Was it?...

When you compare the lens optical quality, 16-85mm VR is better than 18-200mm VR; by means of distortions and resolution. The distortions on 16-20mm is very well controlled. Chrommatic Abberrations are around 1 pixel level on the ultra wide end of the lens, also acceptable.

Lighter weight is also an advantage compared to 18-200mm VR, but not a big deal for a D300 owner as well.

Using the 16mm end of the lens gave me a lot of chance to compose my photos as i like and very few times i have missed my 18-200mm.

About D60:

After D300, this was like a mouse in my hand, but after a while, i have get used to it as a nikon user. But only 3 AF points, small screen, limited menu and slow recording speed made me feel strangled. But, D60 is a quite good camera, considering the price. Its simple LCD info screen, self cleaning image sensor, 10.1 MP CCD sensor make it a good starter D-SLR in the market.

Second day i try the 16-85mm VR, i have discovered some white dusts inside the 16-85mm VR lens. What is going on??

The weather in Taiwan is quite humid and hot, is it because of this? Can not be.. I have used lot of lenses here for weeks, even months, but nothing happened to any of them.

The scenery above ruinned my visit, because i was in HuaLien and there are no nikon dealers here and there is no way to go back to Kaohsiung to hand the lens and go back home with a D60 body only. I will try to do it from Turkey, but this is not the important part. How come a brand new lens get some dust inside the lens???

I will inform you in the future about the result and cause of this incident...
PS: 22 April 2009 > I still have these dusts inside the lens. Not effecting the quality of the picture but makes me sick... I am still waiting for my next trip to Taiwan...


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Anonymous said...


Yumi Abe said...

The photo of the D60+16-85 is used without consent and without right of attribution by the blogger.
Original image is here: .
I suggest to the blogger to either add a link to the original image and original author or erase the image alltogether. Images on flickr are under Creative Commons rights and strongly suggest to the blogger to respect those rights.

Oytun PINAR said...

to Yumi Abe:
sorry for that, i have no clue that the images on flickr need to be released with a link.
i have changed the photo with your attention.
Sorry for this... :(

dsi r4 said...

A great lens for a day walking around your favorite city (a walkabout) 16mm great for wide shots..getting in an entire doorway or unusual window. At 85..not a lot of telephoto but enough to get you by. I bought this lens to replace a wonderful 18-55 I had..this gives me just a bit more width and 50% more telephoto. VR works great in low light situtations to let you drop your sutter speed and still handhold at dusk, or a back dark alleyway in London or Venice.

Oytun PINAR said...

16-85mm VR is one of the best street lens you may ever need.

Anonymous said...


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Yumi Abe said...

Hi Oytun,

You are free to use my image. Just add the link to the original image to your post and it should be ok: