Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lens Review - Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8D ED IF

Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 28-70 mm f/2.8D ED IF

Focal Length : This lens is a FX format lens and could be both used on film cameras and new D-SLR cameras. When you use it on a APS-C format digital camera it is equavilent to a 42 - 105 mm lens on a typical SLR 35 mm camera. (D3 will have the same result of 28-70mm with this lens as it is FX format)
Aperture: This lens has a fix fast aperture on all range at f/2.8 . It's 9 bladed rounded diaphragm stops down to f/22. Almost full round sphere gives you excellent bokehs.
Optics: 15 elements in 11 groups. That includes two ED glass elements (shown in yellow) and one aspherical elements shown in blue. Internal Focus and Distance information are other properties.
Closest Focus: 50 cm(0r 20 inches) at 70mm.
Macro Ratio: 1:5.6
Filter size: 77mm
Accesories: Lens rear/front caps, Flower-shapedHB-19 Bayonet Lens Hood . CL-74 Hard Case Lens Case
Dimensions: 89 mm(3.5") diameter. Extension from lens flange is 122 mm (4.9")
Weight: 935 grams (33.0 oz)

The Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8 works perfectly on my D200 for over one year. This lens was my lifesaver lens for every light condition. Even at widest apertures, this lens has almost perfect results of sharpness. At f/4 and f/5.6, this lens is perfect. This may sound a little bit exaggeration for you, but as a 28-70 f/2.8 user, i have heard a lot of times words of praises from my jelous photographer friends.

If you need to seperate backgroung from your subject, this lens is created to give you full satisfy in this field.
If you are a street candid photographer or journalist, 28-70mm is not your lens, if you are not body builder. This lens is really heavy, together with my MB-D200 battery grip, extra EN-EL3e battery and SB-800 flash, total weight is almost 3.5 kgs, a new born baby weight.

I may recommend this lens for studio photographers, who like to work with prime lenses but tired of changing lenses. This lens is all you need for.

IF Internal Focus and SWM Silent Wave Motor works extreme fast. One of my friend has a nickname for this lens: Hyperactive lens... From 0,5m to infinite and back take less than a second to scan. If you get used to autofocus of this lens, all others will be slow motion for you.

(Addition,2010 October): After some complain from the viewers, i have compared the sound level with the new 24-70mm and heard the difference is not really bothering. But the min and max focal length points has a tiny "Glock" noise. But it is not a fly in the soup for me...

Build quality is really Golden Series. No cons.

- At long end of the lens, 40-70mm, there is significant chromatic abberrations(appx. 1 pixel) . f/8 or slower, not field relevant.

- At 28mm, a slight positive barrel distortion could be seen. Not to worry.
- This lens' weakest point is this: Heavy, heavy and very heavy. Also some may complain about not covering popular range like 16-28mm and 70-105mm.
- Very very expensive lens. Golden Series means "GOLD COVERED?"

VERDICT : This lens is perfect for 35mm cameras and D700,D3,D3s and D3x. But not for APS-C D-SLRs. Narrow and not so popular 42-105 mm neutralises all positive properties like fast and fixed aperture and excellent build quality. It is quite expensive for amateurs. If you do not have a muscled body to carry a baby all the day around your neck, this lens is not for you. For the ones looking for extra sharpness and low light efficiency, this is your lens. Recommended (8,5/10)



Anonymous said...

Will you be comparing vs 24-70mm ?

Oytun PINAR said...

yes, i will compare as soon as i get my new 24-70mm from Taiwan..

Romeo said...

Ok so how was the comparison between the 24-70? I recently go this lens for $900 not to mention my D3. You weren't kidding on the "Hyperactive" nickname. Mine is Noisy, i thought it was supposed to have a silent Motor?