Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Old Cameras

Hello, here is Oytun PINAR, trying to share his experience with you on the Nikon lenses i have tried since i bought my first Nikon.

You may see on above picture my old camera collection listed as below:
Nikkormat FT-N
Nikkormat EL
Nikon EM
Nikon FM10
Canon QL19E
Kodak Retinette (My Father's)
Konika C35
Nikon D200 (After buying D300, this became "old")

Lenses on the Nikons:
Nikon E series 50mm f/1.8
A classic, Nikon has founded "E Series" lenses as an economic solution, budget gear for the Nikonowners, but no question for the quality at all.

Micro Nikkor AI-S 55mm f/3.5
With amazing close-up ability, lifesaver for macrophotgraphers.

Nikon MF 35-70mm f/3.5-4.8
Typical kit lens of FM10. Covers traditional street photographer's need with an avarage quality. APS-C size 52.5-105mm.

Nikon H.C 50mm f/2.0
I have not testedin the field yet. No idea.

All these lenses are not popular nowadays that i will not focus on these and pass to my lenses and the lenses i have tested with my D200 and D300 bodies lately...

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